Covid 19 update

Yesterday the Prime Minister in Denmark decided to close down many sectors in Denmark in order to slowing the spread of coronavirus. Many actions have been initiated to minimize the effect and to fight the contagion. All public offices are being closed down except public sectors, which perform critical functions. The private sector can be effected as well, as employees are encouraged to work from home if possible. This can cause difficulties with e.g. running production, delivery of raw materials and transportation of goods. 

Bodotex supports all actions to be taken in response to the coronavirus outbreak and to slow the spread of the virus. This being said then Bodotex will also do whatever is possible to support our customers. We will closely monitor the evolution of the situation and update our partners regularly on the situation and on necessary precautions to take. 

Bodotex will stay in close contact with suppliers and customers, and do everything we can to secure all our customers need for raw materials. 
We will be at your service and can be reached on the e-mail and phone.


Bodotex specializes in the manufacture of epoxy resin products for composite industries such as wind, offshore, construction and potable water pipelines. Our in-house R&D laboratory and our strong global collaborative network has set our footprint in becoming an innovative and preferred partner in these industries.

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