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Research and Development at Bodotex focuses on meeting customer needs for today and in the future.The success of our R&D is rooted in our ability to continue improving our existing products while innovating new ones that provide solutions for the fast-evolving composites markets.

Since 2004 Bodotex has developed its own original design epoxy resin systems for all types of industries. From basic ambient curing hand layup resins to high TG Mould Infusion Resins. Bodotex offers a wide range of original content and designed Epoxy Resin systems under the brand Bodopox® & Bodo®cure.

Bodopox® designs are owned by us and developed in our labs. These resin systems are used in a wide variety of applications in the EMEA regions. Our focus on meeting customers needs contributes to providing innovative products, maintaining competitive pricing and continuously improving quality.

We provide the best possible support to meet this constantly changing market.

Bodopox® – Epoxy Resin Systems together with our extensive range of Bodo®cure curing range are applicable typically into the following applications or configurations:

  • Vacuum Infusion Resin Systems
  • Hand layup Resin Systems
  • Tooling Resin Systems High TG
  • Extrusion Epoxies Systems
  • Filament Winding Epoxies Systems
  • UV Absorbing Epoxy Systems
  • Stone Impregnation Systems
  • Bisphenol Free Epoxy Systems
  • Flooring Epoxies

Consulting & Chemistry

We are your full-service partner

With support services, development, advice, supply, product training and much more.
Bodotex has many years of experience in the production and distribution of articles for the composites and chemical industry – no customer is too big or too small for us to support.

We have excellent facilities available, and we can blend and package materials to meet your specific needs. We will handle the procurement, formulation, and packaging of the end-product to meet your company’s exact needs.

All chemical blending is performed under proper regulatory and safety guidelines.

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